Human Physiology And The Human Body Essay

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I was twelve years old when my grandmother fell victim to gastric cancer. As a young child with minimal knowledge on diseases and the human body for that matter, I was left contemplating the illness that plagued my grandmother’s body. I yearned endlessly to ease her pain. I had never witnessed anyone suffering through such agony in my life before and I was extremely distraught by her worsening state as the cancer gradually invaded her body. My desire to learn about my grandmother’s condition, therefore, led me to accompany her to the hospital on multiple occasions. Seeing her physicians work tirelessly to save her inspired me to accomplish the same for her and for others. My growing curiosity of the human physiology and the way in which our bodies function and react to the world around us, therefore, guided me to pursue a career in medicine. Being accepted into one of the most prestigious medical schools in Pakistan after months of hard work and dedication was like a dream come true. While some students wanted to explore neurology and others wanted to explore surgery and psychiatry, I struggled in choosing a specialty, as every field of medicine contains certain elements that interested (or interests?) me. That is until a tragic incident took place. One day while my sister and I were sitting in our room, we heard a horrid scream. I hopped down the bed and ran quickly towards the living room where my eyes witnessed a chaotic and gut-wrenching scene: my mother was engulfed…

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