Essay Human Overpopulation : Global Warming And Climate Change

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Samantha Godbold 02/27/2016
Human Overpopulation

Over the course of our lives, we are taught that human overpopulation refers to the number of how many people live on this planet and that it is the reason why Earth is not going to be able to sustain us for much longer. Many people believe, however, that the population of the human race isn’t the reason for Earth’s decline in resources. It is, in fact, us. We, as a species, are solely responsible for Earth’s sudden decline in sustainability. It is not how many of us there are, it is how we live and how we produce, consume and waste our many resources. One of the biggest issues in todays world has a lot to do with the state of the environment, and the fact that we are the ones causing these problems. The loss of fresh water, increased habitat loss, and the depletion of natural resources and the increase of global warming and climate change are some issues that have been caused by human hands. Although human overpopulation seems to always be associated with the environments condition, we forget about the effects that it also has on our society and how we live. When the population increases, so does the amount of laws and regulations, which may not always be a good thing. The last thing people think of as scarce is water because it seems to always be there. The fact is that our demand for water is going through the roof, and has been increasing for several generations. One surprisingly little known fact is that…

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