Human Of Human And Social Capital Essay

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Human beings are organized in many different ways on planet earth. Humans function within organizations, or organized bodies of people, with a particular purpose. They come up with solutions and innovative ideas to help improve daily life. In order for us to function as organizations, many factors come into play. For instance, how to develop an organization, how they work, how individuals feel, how they solve conflicts, how they understand and come together to work as one whole organization. These are all important aspects that contribute to our working society.
In order for human organizations to function, we must first invest in human and social capital. Human capital is the potential a person can input in their organization with their knowledge, skills, and experience. This is important because one individual has the capacity to either hurt or help an organization. Social capital is the potential that a person builds through relationships, goodwill, trust, and cooperate effort. Social capital can help improve human capital by increasing an individual’s knowledge, skill, and experience only if the organization has a strong human capital. After building a strong foundation, a group or team is formed. The team must work well in order for the organztion to function properly.
There are specific techniques aimed at improving the functions of a work group, this is called team building. Bruce Tuckman came up with a Five-Stage Model on how to develop a group efficiently. The…

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