Human Nature And Their Behavior Essay

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Auguste Comte, who coined the word sociology from the Latin word socius. He sought to establish sociology as a science no interference of religion arguments about society and human nature. Sociology is the study of human nature and their behavior. It is the discipline that attempts to understand social forces. In order to study people’s behavior and their nature sociologist looks at different social groups to understand how social groups shapes people’s lives. Everyone belongs to different kinds of groups. These groups’ controls people 's daily life and control their behavior. Social group also influences people’s decision, such as people will do things which is correct in societal view. When people think of groups they think of a bunch of people together doing something or going somewhere is a group. However in the point of view of sociologist it’s not a group. Its called social aggregate, “a group of people who happen to be at the same at the same time”. Another wrong idea of social group are being in the same race, class such as Indians. This is not a social group because Indians are all over the countries and not all people come together and interact with each other. A group is a collection of people who interact with one another and create a bond because of common structure and culture. my social group that I belong to is called Waz meaning knowledge about Islam. Every month this group meets many times and has a guest speaker who is more knowledgeable in Islam than…

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