Essay on Human Nature And Determinism : What Is The Provenance?

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Human Nature and Determinism: What is the Provenance? As human intellect and history have progressed, many differing speculations of human nature and what determines it have been formulated. These types of philosophies took root as early as we can trace, with historical figures such as the Ancient Greeks forming their own deliberations concerning human nature and its motives or lack thereof. There are many conjectures on this subject, but prominent forms of determinism are historical determinism that is centered on the pattern and cycle of human history and events, social determinism that emphasizes the unconsciousness of humans as the behavioral driving force, evolutionary determinism that highlights the genetic and evolutionary changes within humans over the course of time, and neurological determinism that asserts the neurological and physiological process of humans as the foundation of human behavior and nature. Although all of these categories of determinism are credible, the most likely determinant of human nature lies in neurology, and the degree of determinism in shaping human nature is almost absolute. The brain and central nervous system serve as the motherboard of humans and govern a significant amount, if not all, of human behavior.

Historical Determinism Researchers such as Karl Marx and his inspiration Friedrich Hegel supported the idea of historical determinism. This type of view coincides with the philosophy of history that states it is shaped by the…

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