Human Movement : The Fundamental Properties Of Life Essay

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I. Human Movement
1. What is human movement studies and why is an important?
Human movement studies inquire about how and why people move, as well as the factors that limit and enhance the capacity to move. Human movement plays a role in social and cultural implications. Movement is one of the fundamental properties of life. It is not surprising that movement studies greatly influence the understanding of human biology. This is important since understanding movement allows for the understanding of fundamental daily activities, as well as both performance and health related effects caused by said activities or lack of activities. Additionally, movement studies aid in the ability to reduce the probability of injuries and speed recovery if an injury does occur. Studying and understanding human movement, and application of knowledge gained is beneficial to society. It aids in improving the understanding and limits of human existence.

2. Discuss human movement as a discipline.
Human movement can been either a discipline or profession. To be considered a discipline, the field must develop a coherent body of knowledge that describes, explains, and predicts key phenomena. On the other hand, a profession attempts to improve the condition of society by providing a service in which knowledge from one or more relevant disciplines are needed. Therefore, some components of human movement studies can be considered a discipline, while others a profession. For instance, investigators…

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