Human Metabolism : The Essential Components Of Metabolism Essay

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When we hear the word metabolism, we instantly think of weight loss. But human metabolism has to do with so much more than how fat or thin we are. Metabolism is actually an umbrella term that describes myriad chemical reactions and processes in our bodies that happen to keep us alive.
Because energy formation is one of the most vital components of metabolism, it stands to reason that nutrition is the key to metabolism. Our metabolism relies upon nutrient breakdown for energy facilitation. This energy is what allows the body to synthesize new building blocks such as proteins, DNA, and RNA.
Here is a breakdown of where this energy is used throughout the day:
• 60-70% of metabolic energy is for vital functions such as breathing, heart rate, and body temperature (this is your BMR - the amount of energy you need just to keep your body alive if you did nothing but sleep very still).
• 15-30% typically goes towards daily activities such as housework, errands, exercising, etc.
• 10-15% of this energy goes toward your digestion and the processes of breaking down food into compounds the body can use to repair, rejuvenate and function optimally.
So the nutrients we take in supply calories, or units of energy, that are then utilized to maintain and heal the entire body. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, didn’t say, “Let food be thy medicine” for nothing. He knew that the foods we eat determine how well our metabolism, and therefore our bodies, work.
What Slows our Metabolism?…

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