Human Memory And Memory

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To be able to create a computer which will be more like a human, the humans should be focusing on developing some input devices for perception, processor and memories to be able to store information like a human, software to perform, output devises to replace human hands and feet, permanently storage device and network for communication. Just creating all of this wouldn’t be enough. Inventors should be more focusing on a human sensors and perception which is very hard to program into a computer.
Computers have been designed in the way to be able to get their information from human. Computers needed their input devices in order to be able to adapt and use human movements for perception while output devises can use three to five human senses.
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Computer’s memory and its software are connected as well as the brain and the nervous system. Both of them have a wide capacity of memory and knowledge, but the brain is far more impressive than the computer. The internal memory in the computer is able to store any information while the computer is working and in the very short term. Even though the computer is able to navigate the web, but the brain is working even when it asleep. Human brain controls singing, memory and dancing while a computer can play videos and music. Both of them are able to save information in their memory, communicate with others, calculate numbers and eventually die. Unfortunately, human nervous system cannot be saved while the computer’s memory can be saved on hard drive. The brain uses electricity and chemical to send signals to the other parts of the body and the brain itself while a computer uses the electricity to send signals and messages. The human brain is much smarter and it has a lot to take care of plus is independent and controlling all the body parts as well as taking care about itself while a computer needs a user to give commands and power. In order to enhance the computer and make it more human, the machine vision should be advanced. To be human and have the ability to understand multiple source of information at the same time, computer system should have a cognitive system similar to humans. While it is easy for a human to make a prediction based on what we hear or see, recognize patterns and multitasking, it still very difficult to achieve and develop such perception for a

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