Human Management And Human Capital Management Essay

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Human recourse management or human capital management as some might chose to call it is a field of managing people as a recourse or capital to make value. This field is complex and has a lot of nuances and in this paper I am getting into the forces that changes the way HR managers work, and how this occupation might be changing because of these forces. Norway is a small country in northern Europe, mainly dependent on exporting oil, fish and other commodities. There are a lot of forces that changes the way HR managers can work in this community and I am going to take a look at three of them; the youth unemployment rate due to recession, how immigrants affect the occupation of HRM and how the values of the Norwegian people have a great impact on how HR managers work. Also I am going to take a closer look on some of the forces you can see within the occupation of HRM and how these forces are changing the occupation. These three are globalization, innovation and social networking.
Forces within the community
Youth unemployment
Norway is a country dependent on oil, the recession in the oil industry we see in the world today have a significant impact on not only the community but also in the occupation of HRM. The effect of the recession have on the job market is huge and downsizing and changes in jobs are many. The first people to go when a firm is facing recession are usually the last ones that came into the company, most likely the youngest ones, this leads to…

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