Essay about Human Influence On The Earth Global Environment

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Humans have an enormous impact on our global environment. For centuries human activity has always been known to disturb the earth’s land, oceans, and atmosphere. As we 've growth we made our footprint in our world environment. We alter more than 50% of the world land (Stromberg, 2013 ). One of the most arguable questions is when did human influence on the earth global environment began? There have been multiple studies suggesting different way discover this answer, but the most known term for this is “Anthropocene” (The Age Of Human) (Stromberg, 2013 ).
This paper will explore the meaning and concepts of the term “Anthropocene”. In this article, I critically examine the concepts of the Anthropocene from sources. it will discuss the different theories of when the Anthropocene began, the occurring changes of the process of human activity and the effects of it. Exploring the development of the Anthropocene and the recent epoch in which societies have developed a global geophysical force. It 's argued that this term does not have a neutral characterization of a new geological epoch (Baskin, 2014 ). Maybe a more usefully understood as an ideology (Baskin, 2014 ). The Anthropocene is a troubling concept, because there is no clear definition of it. The “Anthropocene” definition that makes the most sense to me was: “that the Earth has now left its natural geological epoch, the present interglacial state called the Holocene. Human activities have become so pervasive…

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