Human Infant, Physical, Social, And Emotional Health Practices

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All of the readings about Our Babies, Ourselves deal with the nature of human infant, physical health practices, social and emotional health practices. Even though I’ve been interested in the nature of human infant, this is the first time that I 've had an opportunity to read Our Babies, Ourselves. The Robert, Edward, Ronald, Katherine, James, Sara and Charles articles was particularly interesting because it combined the nature of human infant with physical, social and emotional health practices, which I am inherently interested in. The articles was also a great example of the methodological process and learning how infant raising practices in different cultures, something we have been learning in our class this semester.
Based on Robert’s Gusii Survival Skills article that I read, I was thinking that socioeconomic disadvantage has a long term effects on child cognitive, social, and emotional development, children do demonstrate varying levels of vulnerability. Robert showed that “Gusii parents did not explicitly strive to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development. These needs were not neglected, however, because from birth Gusii babies entered an active and responsive interpersonal environment, first with their mother and young caregivers, and later as part of a group of children.” This is true when we are psychological disorders. For example: psychological disorders occurred when children were cognitively distracted. Perhaps the emotion suppresses the…

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