Human Impact On Water Cycle Essay

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Human are born to be free and now they have conquered the whole world with the help of new the technologies. But often we forget about our surroundings, ecosystem and environment. Some invention of human are very hash to the environment that it may cause a non-reversible change or harm. We all are responsible to pollute our environment directly or indirectly. So we really need to think about it deeply and make some possible solutions.

Water is an essential need of Human and all other living creature on Earth. Human Impact on Water Cycle in both ways: positively and negatively . Fresh Water on Earth Is Limited. Although 75% of the earth is covered in water, only 3% of the water is freshwater. In my daily life I use this fresh water to keep myself clean and also drink it. So in my View I am destroying the micro-organisms of my ecosystem while bring a boil to my drinking water or purify it in other ways. Also when I take my shower, I need to use some chemical such as soap and shampoo which eventually mix with the water and pollute it. So I think maybe I am also contributing to change my ecosystem and environment surrounding me a little. Recently, I have come to know one very important fact through this Environmental Science course that dumping used cooking oil may cause to pollute gallons of water. I cook for my family and sometimes dump the used oil of frying into the drain with realizing its consequences. I do not know how many fishes or living creatures in the water I…

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