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In the following assignment I am going to outline the different patterns of development in adolescence such as physical, cognitive and socio-emotional in relation to Erik Eriksons Psychosocial development theory. I will then relate them to John’s situation and how his caregivers and other significant people in his life can respond to these needs.
I will also identify other supports such as social groups and clubs outside of John’s immediate caregivers which could help support his needs being met.
And finally I will give the key skills and strengths of a person working with adolescence and the attitude that is needed to work in an environment where they may face difficult tasks on a daily basis.

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In John
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On the other hand John might not be interested in sports and another option could be for him to join the local youth centre or CYC ( catholic youth centre ) in his area, these centres are encouraging youths to become a lot more active in their communities and encouraging them to come out of their houses and come in off the streets to participate in outdoor adventure such as water sports, rock climbing, canooing, camping e.t.c. these youth centres also have guest speakers to make the adolesence aware of whats going on in their area such as the gardai, the firebrigade, ex drug abusers and career guidance officers that may steer the youths in the right direction.
If John got involved in these type of groups and clubs he would find new friends and groups which would give him a sense of belonging and help him develop into adulthood.

When working with adolesence it can take numerous amounts of skills and patience not to mention understanding to work with them.
Not every person is a suitable candidate and its not as easy as many people think it is to be in the firing line of a young adult who thinks the world is against them and is very ego-centric in everything they do.
Some of the

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