Human Growth And Development Final Essay

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Human Growth and Development Final Essay 1
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 45 million American’s lived below the poverty line in 2012 and 2013. This means that many American’s live without sufficient income to provide their daily needs, including food, shelter, and clothing. Unfortunately, many are without health insurance as well. Many go days without food, they may be found sleeping on the streets, they do not have warm clothing to fight off the cold winter months, they have health problems left untreated due to lack of health insurance. There are many reasons for one to live in poverty. Job loss, lack of educational skills, reduced wages, and many other reasons lead many into poverty.
Poverty has a negative impact on all lifespans. However, poverty affects more children than adults. Infants born into poverty, tend to have low birth weights, and increase congenital diseases, and other preventable defects, which increase infant mortality rates. Infants born into poverty have a high risk of dying before their first birthday. Infants born to mothers living in poverty suffer prior to birth, due to the mother not receiving adequate nutrition and care during pregnancy. It is important that expectant mothers receive adequate needs during the critical stages of embryo growth and development. Infants risk not receiving needed vaccines to prevent illness, risk malnourishment, infections, and death. Infants that are constantly…

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