Human Geography : What You Are Telling Me? Essay

1459 Words Nov 24th, 2016 6 Pages
“So what you are telling me is that you know the absolute truth, and everyone else is wrong, and they are going to Hell. Is that what you are telling me?” Matt flushes crimson as his hands begin to nervously twitch, contradicting his previously confident statement. Sitting next to Matt, I can feel the eyes of the entire class boring deep into his soul, silently judging him, yet grateful for the pressure to be temporarily off of them. The room grows eerily silent, awaiting the next strategic move, as if this was a life sized game of Chess.
This entire semester has been horrific due to Professor Khani, who appears to only have one goal, which happens to have nothing to do about the topic of Human Geography. Every question, comment, or lesson has been centered around religion, or lack of religion one might say. It seems that his only goal is to morph our minds into a replica of his. I find that to be absurd, I am here to learn about Human Geography, not this professor’s personal religious disbelief. Now quivering next to me, shaking his shaggy, inky, black hair, his deep brown eyes almost bulging out of his head, is Matt. He has been someone who has appeared by my side since the diaper days of the church nursery. I know what he’s saying, or at least what he is trying to say. It has been a difficult situation since Khani’s leathery face embedded with frown lines portrays him as a professor who will fail you if you look at him the wrong way. Going against his Atheist mission…

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