Human Genetic Engineering Influence Diversity In Society

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Human genetic engineering, the manipulation of genes in an organism intended to better an organism, is quickly becoming a controversial topic. As technology advances and more tests are conducted, society becomes a step closer to creating the “perfect” baby. Many possibilities have become a reality, and questions such as, “How would the practice of human genetic engineering influence diversity in society?” have been raised. Many factors and situations must be taken into consideration to answer this. Looking through the scientific lens, the practice of human genetic engineering can either increase or decrease the diversity of a society depending on the situation. One of the main reasons genetic engineering is being advocated is because of its …show more content…
These situations would result in a considerable decrease in genetic diversity. Ronald K. Noble, Secretary General of Interpol, the intergovernmental police organization, reports that scientists can recreate the genes of disease to help formulate better medicine. However, in the hands of criminals, they can “intentionally modify an existing disease.” Richard Hayes, an executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society, supports this idea recounting, “in 2012 a Scottish gene therapy experiment gone awry left two dozen infants with an incurable form of bone cancer” (13). Genetic engineering has the potential to become a weapon. Criminals could wipe out populations for their benefit or amusement, causing massive devastation, destruction, and a decrease in diversity. Because genetic engineering is so new and uncommonly practiced, there are no globally fixed regulations on it. As a result, diversity of society can decrease at the cost of healthy lives, as in the case above. Carina Storrs, an author of health and science, reports that IVF has granted parents the opportunity to choose the gender of their baby with nearly 100% accuracy. Similarly, Lemonick argues “within a decade or two, it may be a possibility to screen kids almost before conception for an enormous range of attributes, such as how tall they're likely to be and even, conceivably, their IQ and personality type” (64). If parents are able to pick the characteristics of their children like they can with gender, then diversity in society will likely decrease. Most parents want what is best for their children and genetic engineering will only encourage this. Society would likely fill up with only talented, vertically gifted, and intellectually driven people because of parents who hope to brighten their children's future. These cases could result in a

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