Human Genetic Engineering And Modification Essay

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Human Genetic Engineering and Modification Genetic Engineering of humans is said to have happened before, and will soon become an option for many who can afford it. In Mesopotamian times, it is said the god of their capital and cities, Marduk, talked about creating the first human beings. He stated, “Blood, to blood, I join, blood to bone I form an original thing, its name is Man, aboriginal man, is mine in making. All his occupations, are faithful service, the gods that fell have rest, I will subtly alter their operations, divided companies, equally blessed” (40 Divine Wisdoms). Today, this has been translated to the belief that human beings were created by aliens through genetic modification to be worker slaves. This is supported through the evidence shown in the human genome project that points to patterns in our own DNA that implying genetic engineering at some ancient point in time. Though this history is controversial, the thought that human genetic engineering will soon be available, is a fact. Human Genetic Engineering (HGE) is a way for parents to change the way their future children will function, their gender, their personality, and more. It is said that this will help rid of diseases. HGE is done through a process of cell removal and will be available to the public once the human genome is completely sequenced. As said by Gene Therapy, “ Embryos are created by in-vitro fertilization and grown to the eight-cell stage, at which point one or two cells are removed.…

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