Human Genetic Codes And Human Dna Essays

1080 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
In the near future, super-humans may walk among us. With new-and-improved, continuously advancing technology and research: scientists, ethicists and bioengineers alike have found a way to perform microsurgery on DNA, a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions inside living organisms, essentially reprogramming genetic codes over time. This could lead to a potentially large breakthrough for the scientific community as well as humanity in general. Altering genetic codes and human DNA may lead to ways to begin eliminating common genetic mutations from upcoming future generations. However, this new gene-altering, DNA-splicing technology will need many more field tests and research to be conducted and examined to determine whether or not the long-term effects will be safe for use on human DNA. If these advancements in genetic engineering appear to potentially improve upon human genetic codes instead of posing more risks than necessary in the name of research, scientists may be able to create a super-human that possesses the perfect genes with no mutations in their DNA. To illustrate such a scenario, imagine a perfect person. They would have straight, pearly whites, a flawless complexion, and a chiseled facial structure with perfect genetics. In recent years, scientists have become closer than ever to being able to create this vision of the “perfect” person. With more advanced technology than we have ever had before, bioengineers, who study genetics and ways to…

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