Human Flourishing and the Nursing Process Essay

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Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul through Caring:
Bridging the Science of Nursing and the Human Spirit
Verity A. Becher
Pueblo Community College, Southwest Campus

Nursing is as much science as it is a study in the human condition. Combining caring and the notion of human flourishing allows the nurse sharpen her understanding of patients’ needs by observing and understanding herself (Husted & Husted, 2008). A nurse is able to better anticipate the needs of her patients by noting similarities and differences between the two of them. With caring in the nursing corner, even under less-than-ideal conditions, one can still create havens of hope, nourishment, and the possibility for flourishing (MacCulloh, 2011).
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Compassion is that emotion that helps us tap into our human similarities and to strive for the best possible outcome that will benefit all parties concerned. The notion of community is so important when considering human flourishing. We all operate within several planes; family, friends, co-workers, cities, countries, and if all these planes are healthy and operating under the same ethical code, then we are one step closer to healing and nurturing the resources needed for successful human flourishing (Husted & Husted, 2008). My hope for future practice is that I can have meaningful, caring, and learning relationships with my patients that will allow them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.
Through caring, an important function of nursing is to reduce those obstacles that restrict the more-than-ordinary vulnerable person’s potential to flourish (Sellman, 2009). We can move the nursing profession forward by understanding our own emotions and feelings and applying that knowledge to our patients. Helping them to understand and move forward; whether from a life-saving surgery or a chronic illness that will be with them until the end. Humankind can and will flourish, with a little caring from the nursing community.

Husted, G. and Husted, J. (2008). Ethical Decision Making in Nursing and Health Care: The Symphonological Approach – 4th Ed.

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