Human Family By Maya Angelou Analysis

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Looking around the world there are some things that are different and some things that are the same. In this world, it is not possible to find two people that look the exact same. The authors of the two texts uphold and express the common belief that people are more alike that we are different, we need to celebrate our differences, and no one looks the same.
A common belief that the authors of the two texts uphold and express is that people are more alike than we are different. In Maya Angelou’s “Human Family”, it says “In minor ways we differ, in major we’re the same.” What Angelou means by this, is we as people may not look the same or act the same. But, if you put people together as a whole you will find that there is more similarities than
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The poem “Human Family” by Maya Angelou, is about differences and how no one is the same. In this poem she says “...their lives are lived as true profundity...they really live the real reality.” When Angelou says this she is saying that there are people in the world that look as if everything is bad and that being different is not a good thing. There are also people out in the world that see as if everything in life is a miracle. The positive people celebrate the differences within themselves and others, they embrace their differences. All Angelou is saying here is that we need to become one and celebrate that there is not one person in the world that are the same as anyone else. Barack Obama, in Philadelphia, said in his speech “...we all want to move in the same direction- towards a better future for our children and our grandchildren.” When this was said in his speech, he did not mean just push aside the differences and live your life like they don’t exist, he wants us to embrace the differences within us and live life as a whole. We all need to learn that are differences is what creates our character and makes us who we are …show more content…
Our society today is like snowflakes, you will never find two that looks exactly the same. In the poem “Human Family”, Maya Angelou (the author) says”...I’ve not seen any two who really were the same. Mirror Twins are different…” This quote is saying that no one is our world, even identical twins, looks the same. Some people may argue that identical twins looks exactly the same. This is false because if you put twins up next to each other and compared you would find differences. Barack Obama, in speech in Philadelphia, said “I have brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, and cousins of every race and every hue…” This quote is saying that they are all in one family but look different. Our differences are what make us unique. Just because you look different does not mean you are, you're not the only one who looks different. Everyone in society has something different from everyone else. Our world would be pointless and boring if everyone liked the same things, or had the same clothes. No one wants to live a world like

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