Human Factors on Aloha 243 Essay

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After studying the Aloha aircraft accident in 1933, our group is interested in the investigation in Human performances factors in maintenance and inspection. We have divided the investigation into 5 aspects:


1. The lack of inattention of the mechanics in practical procedures and policies planning.

Aloha Airline operated inter-island flight in Hawaii, therefore, Aloha 243 was operating in salt water environment. During each flight, there was a risk that the air saturated with salt and water vapour would enter the crevice when the aluminium sheets are failed to be bonded to the fuselage by epoxy adhesive, also corrosion of metal is stimulated.

After the accident, a full-scale investigation was launched by the
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The result of psychological stress is that an engineer or mechanic may be over aroused and move into the area of poor performance: *concentrating on a single problem and not maintaining a complete overview of the whole flight check; *exhibiting poor judgments; *becoming disoriented quite easily and *becoming fatigued (worn-out, burnt-out) at an early stage.

2b) Internal Sources – physical (Fatigue) and emotional factors

- Fatigue caused by lack of rest/ sleep

“Overload” may bring a high pressure on the physical and emotional stress on the maintenance engineers. A lack of restful sleep due to the shift duty on maintenance engineers leaves them fatigue. The human body will automatically shift its internal clock by about one hour a night. If the late shift worker continues to maintain the irregular schedule over the weekend he will be completely in phase with the night shift by the second week. The result of this changing working pattern makes them hard to fall asleep easily. They need to struggle to stay awake to handle their technical duties. The rapid changes in shift duty make the workers need to adjust their own living style to fit with it. Although this can be compensated by adjusting of personal lifestyles, unfortunately, it is not so simple to make this “lifestyle change” for most workers - Coping with “Shift work”. “Shift work is a total lifestyle change that permeates all aspects of living like:

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