Extrinsic Motivation Report

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1a.) The first site I believe to be valuable is that of the “Human Factors and Ergonomics Society” https://hfes.org/Web/. It offers a great deal of resources from explaining what human factors are to current events dealing with human factors. The next site is not entirely focused on human factors, but does include valuable information. It is titled, “The American Psychological Association,” and the direct link to the page on human factors in the site is http://www.apa.org/action/science/human-factors/education-training.aspx. It includes basic information on what human factors are and how one can become a human factors psychologist. It even includes links to pages of actual human factors and engineering psychologists and what they have developed. …show more content…
On the other hand extrinsic motivation is when one wants to accomplish something in order to receive a material reward or even to avoid punishment. I feel intrinsically motivated each day of my educational path. In high school, I was motivated to do well, but I don’t think it was intrinsically. I wanted to make my parents proud, receive a diploma and be accepted into a good university, but I do not think I felt rewarded internally. Today, however the college experience has awakened me to the power of knowledge, I am so ecstatic to keep learning and expanding my knowledge, especially about the human mind and behavior. Thinking about the future learning opportunities grants me great satisfaction, and not only am I making my parents proud, but I am taking pride in myself. I know that eventually my studies will lead me into my desired career, but sometimes when I sit down and think about it the knowledge I am attaining can be considered so much more valuable than a career, it is something no one can take away from me. Day in and day out, we are extrinsically motivated in order to make things happen. I think one of the times when I am extrinsically motivated is when doing my coursework. I simultaneously work in order to get A’s and finish in a decent amount of time to have some time for myself and my family, like going out and having lunch or

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