Essay on Human Evolution Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

1138 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Human evolution began millions of years ago and the first Homo sapiens appeared around one hundred-thousand to fifty thousand years ago. Archaeological evidence leads experts in the field to strongly believe that the human species originated in Africa. Our human ancestors soon spread out into the world, and that is when the human world would truly change forever. While visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, I explored, gained knowledge, and appreciated the wonderful art that our ancestors have allowed us to admire for hundreds to thousands of years. The art opens a window into the past and we can only imagine the life the artists and the people of their time lived. By art, I refer to anything that a human ancestor has created and is now on display for our admiration such as a painting, sculpture, weapon, money, clothing, and writing. All are important to how we view the past and those who lived in it, admiring the past and understanding our predecessors allows for a better grasping of ourselves in the present. I have always had an understanding and appreciative view towards art, but archaeological or historic art has a beauty all its own. When learning about our past, we are taught primarily of the huge moments such as the pyramids of Egypt or the Code of Hammurabi. What about the group of people in Africa that never built such massive monuments or even the citizens of Mesopotamia that did not read or write and therefor had no personal written evidence proving their…

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