Human Evolution Is The Time By Which Humans Change Overtime Essay

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Human evolution is the time by which humans change overtime. Humans develop characteristics and traits that enhance their abilities and chances for survival. Physical and behavior traits have been shown to have some relations with the common ancestors of apes. While human evolution occurs it coexists with the study of population genetics. Population genetics occurs when frequencies in alleles between populations are distributed. Plenty of researchers have used these two ideas to study how accurate past researchers were in their studies. Humans tend to have genetic similarities in physical and genetic traits, especially in families. Natural selection played a key role in the development of cavemen thousands of years ago to the modern day human. Behaviorally, cavemen did not act and think the way humans do today. Granted technology and other enhancements have allowed modern humans to evolve in such a way that makes living have fewer complexes. Charles C. Roseman and Benjamin M. Auerbach examined the effects of population structure and natural selection on all parts of the body and their traits and how climate has had an influence on the morphological variation of all humans (Roseman and Auerbach, 2014). To begin their examination, Roseman and Auerbach stating that variation is an important to the conditions of human fossil records. They also state that the distribution of body form, such as: the size, breadth, limb, length and the proportional relationships among the bodies…

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