Human Effects On Global Warming Essay

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Human Effects On Global Warming
How do we, humans, affect the topic “global warming?” What is global warming? How does it affect the earth and living organisms? Global warming is a term used for describing a consistent change of heat temperature on our earth. It is also believed to permanently change the earth’s climate, making it warmer and warmer as time moves forward. It affects mainly sea and ice animals, scientists estimate that the arctic sea ice is melting 12% every decade.( This greatly impacts a huge part of ecosystems if animals cannot survive in their habitat.
Our effect on Global Warming-
The big question is, is how do humans affect global warming? We release too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We release a lot of carbon dioxide into the air by burning fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum.( Burning these fuels takes its toll, greenhouse effect traps all of that carbon dioxide and it results in the earth getting warmer and warmer. Even the gas that is in our cars that we run every single day release CO2. Just imagine how much carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere; it’s an absurd amount. Deforestation releases a big amount of carbon dioxide. If we are burning the trees for wood, or removing trees to make a city. We have gotten rid of so many trees and natural habitats and replaced it with: factories, buildings, restaurants, stores, etc… It’s just growing more and more. Soon there will be no natural…

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