Human Effects On Global Warming Essay

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Invasive Species in Utah Utah has is a place where you can find many species that have invaded and these species have been a danger to all those that cause invasions in places can be very dangerous because you do not know what they can personally do or damage that may cause an example of the damage it can cause is the way it can grow much bigger and destroy what is on his way sometimes can destroy animals, farms and these invasions also affect people because it destroys what its path and can be crops people and that 's what living and some of these invasions are as saltcedar, cheatgrass, yellow starthistle, camelthorn.

Humans Effects on Global Warming

how it affects humans is that the air besides that is being lost is being infected by any amount of contamination there such as cutting trees cutting bosquet is something that people today are doing it a lot and that it affects people because the trees give us oxygen to survive need a lot of trees because it releases carbon dioxide and also other greenhouse gases that affect people and also something else that is affecting humans is and also burning fuel that affects and also the oil that affects the atmosphere and that is what does not allow all the sun pege us and with it also gives us a lot of heat but with everything they are doing is not affecting human for all that you are doing

Plastic Islands in the Ocean

the plastic in the ocean affects people and also animals because whenever people who are pulling…

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