Human Dynamics-Motivation, Attitude, Perception Assignment Essay

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ATTITUDE: IS AN EVALUATIVE STATEMENTS OR JUDGEMENTS CONCERNING OBJECTS, PEOPLE OR EVENTS. It consists of following 3 components – * COGNITIVE COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means opinion or belief segment of an attitude. * AFFECTIVE COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means emotional or feeling segment of an attitude. * BEHAVIORAL COMPONENT OF ATTITUDE: It means an intention to behave in a certain way towards someone or something. Some of the major job attitudes are: * JOB SATISFACTION * JOB INVOLVEMENT * ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT * PERCEIVED ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT * EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PERSONALITY: IT CAN BE DESCRIBED AS SUM TOTAL WAYS IN WHICH
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He started having conflicts with managers of the other departments. His performance review showed him to be average in spite of him being dedicated, hardworking and productive.Finaly; he decided to quit the company. He thought of taking advice of his colleague who was also his close friend. His colleague explained him, that he is having all the conflicts because his personality is becoming negative due to very high obsession for success. Aman realized after the entire conversation that he was showing the typical traits of MACHIAVELLIANISM personality. Machiavellianian is person who has tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. The concept is named after Renaissance diplomat and writer Niccolò Machiavelli. Machiavellianism is the degree to which an individual is pragmatic, maintains emotional distance and believes that ends justify means. High Machs tend to take a more detached, calculating approach in their interaction with other people. In terms of Big Five personality traits, Machiavellians tend to be low on agreeableness and high in conscientiousness. Low Machs tend to take a more personal, empathic approach in their interaction with other people. They tend to be more trusting of others and more honest. They believe humans are essentially good natured. At the extreme, low Machs tend to be passive, submissive, highly agreeable, dependent and socially inept; in contrast

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