Essay on Human Does Not Have One Concrete Definition

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Being human does not have one concrete definition; it has multiple broad meanings. It could mean multiple things. It depends on the person or situation a person is in really. Humans go through a lot in their life. They go through easy and difficult moments in their life. There are three major things that make humans what they are. The first is confusion. Life is confusing and no one ever knows exactly what they’re doing most of the time. People live some of their life confused, and that’s perfectly normal. Another thing that makes humans what they are is falling into temptation, in even the slightest form. Even the simple action of growing old another way that makes a person a human. This species is beautifully flawed and the only thing that can be done is to live, experience, learn, and move on. Humans fall into temptation all the time, whether it’s a minimal or a large one. It’s a natural thing to do. In a biblical sense, temptations a major back bone to the human race. It goes back to when Eve was tempted to taste the forbidden fruit, and she did. This situation is seen in multiple occasions. For instance, in “Moonlight,” by Guy de Maupassant, a woman falls into the temptation of kissing another man that isn’t her significant other. She was having problems with her husband and then one night she went out at kissed another man under the moonlight. She states that it was the moonlight that made her fall into that temptation; it was not the other man. She stated “And it…

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