Human Dignity Under Julius Caesar Essay

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However, the early Romans had some human dignity under Julius Caesar and only tortured the people who he defeated in battle to try and put fear into the eyes of fellow enemies that might try and face him and his empire (“The Rise of Torture” 2). Torture has a way of putting fear into the minds of people that nothing else can. No one wants to be pushed to their limits in pain. There are multiple reasons that torture was the choice of action against people. The Romans grew very thirsty when it came to torture and eventually tortured nearly everyone from religious reasons to entertainment (“The Rise of Torture” 2). They enjoyed watching people suffer and bleed to the point that they decided to make a game out of it and bring the public to watch it. In 264 B.C. the Romans held their first gladiator event and used prisoners as their guinea pigs (“The Rise of Torture” 2). The people loved it and it became widely popular throughout the Roman Empire. These events required a huge amount of prisoners and eventually they needed an alternative source and resorted to slaves, but the people were very hard to please and the games quickly became a slaughterhouse sending up to a 1000 or more slaves to fight ferocious animals that typically just ripped them apart (“The Rise of Torture” 2). The people ended up growing tired of these games and they stopped having them, but that did not bring an end to torture. The Greeks used torture to scare, interrogate, and for legal matters. The Romans used…

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