Human Dignity Is A Fundamental Characteristic When Discussing Capital Punishment

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Human dignity is a fundamental characteristic when discussing capital punishment. Every human being possess equal dignity that must be respected and not violated. Capital punishment is basically dehumanising. Disregarding all human characteristic and the human ethics and foundations which shape a human being violating and paying no attention to human dignity. Primarily taking a human’s life as a form of penalty and retribution is always in the wrong because nothing good comes from taking a human beings life. When a human being supports and inflicts capital punishment misinterpreting what it means to be human ignoring the nature and truth of human dignity. It Is important to take into account that every human being possess human dignity which is intrinsic and indispensable understanding that to end a human beings life with intent is a move which completely undermines and ignores a human beings dignity going against it in an unwilling manner. It is essential for all human beings to be aware of the fact that human dignity is an imperative part in humanity which is indispensable being something that every single human being has in common. As a human being it is always significant to recognise the human dignity in every human being having rights to be treated equally like a human being respecting the human condition, human dignity playing an important role in capital punishment.

All human beings are held accountable for their own actions and unlawful decisions. Crimes committed…

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