Human Development: One Of The Stages Of Adolescence

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According to WHO, adolescence is one of the stages of life which occurs between the ages of ten and nineteen and it is characterized by all round rapid growth. It is the transition from childhood to adulthood. Fayal, a developmental psychologist (1998), said that human development occurs in stages and each stage has its distinct characteristic.

According to Erik Erikson, (1902-1994), psychoanalyst and a neo–Freudian, adolescence is the period during which an individual tends to establish a sense of personal identity, and avoids the dangers of role diffusion and identity confusion. Sigmund Freud opined that adolescence is a universal phenomenon which included behavioral, social and emotional changes. He said that there is an
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Piaget refers to this stage as Formal Operational Stage.

According to paediatrics and child health professionals - adolescence is the transitional period of rapid change in affective, co native, cognitive, physical, sexual, and social change characterized by confusion, stress and need for adjustment. This period of development corresponds between the ages of 10 and 19 years.

According to Elizabeth B. Hurlock – Adolescence is the age during which the individual becomes integrated into the society of adults, the age when the individual no longer feels he is below the level of his elders but equal, at least in rights.

Adolescence is the period in which the individual usually remains home- centred. His behavior might sometimes be disorganized along with a decreased willingness to accommodate to the expectation of the parents. There is a tendency to approach opposite sex. Obedience to parental dictates is replaced by conformity to peer group standards and loyalties. In this stage the adolescent is able to be selective and discriminative in his relationships. Gradually the individual is able to maintain intimate relationship with others.

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On the top of it the parents put checks and balances on their child which he tends to defy, Because of this issues/challenges the adolescence is prompt to get influenced by outside agents/people/events which may be good or bad.


According to medical dictionary – abuse is a form of action due to which an individual intentionally harms or injuries another person. Abuse also consists of inappropriate activity like use of any illegal substance (alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines).
There are various types of abuse:


 Physical abuse – it includes injury inflicted by another person. The injuries can be inflicted by punching, kicking, biting, burning or use of a weapon. Physical abuse can result in broken bones, internal hemorrhage and many critical conditions.
 Psychological abuse – it includes threatening the victim with violence, harassing them (e.g. - refusing the victim to see friends, preventing use of

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