Human Development Case Study Examples

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Irene is a 65 years old female. She has got whitish-grey, short hair. She is about 5’3” tall and seems to be a serious person, at first glance, but definitely has an outgoing personality. She grew up with eight siblings, five sisters and three brothers. She is married. She got married at 21 years old and had two daughters. She now has five grandchildren. She lives at home with her husband. Their home is on the same land that her parent’s had lived on, so she has basically lived in the same spot her entire life.
Physical Process Physical development refers to physical changes, health and disease, mortality rates, and sexuality. When asked if Irene felt as old as her age, she said she does because her body feels old and achy, but her brain
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I would consider Irene an intelligent women with many life lessons to teach. Irene has not had any problems with her memory. She said it is normal. I say she has working memory, because other than forgetting simple things that everyone forgets once in a while, her memory is still strong. Irene is a hardworking women. When she was younger she worked at a supermarket and eventually moved on to a factory where she sewed things such as clothing. She worked there for 13 years. She then moved on to a general maintenance job where she worked 33 years until retiring a month ago. She has only been retired a month so adjusting has not been hard yet, but she thinks it may be after the newness of retirement wears off. She enjoys gardening, but since it is winter she spends her time watching television, cleaning the house, playing cards weekly, and reading which is what she likes to do the most for fun and leisure. She does not do any volunteering, because she had no time to do so while working. Irene feels that spirituality is very important part of her life, being that she prayers regularly, but she does not feel that she is involved in any kind of organized religion. Although religion is very important to Irene, she feels that what gives meaning to her life are her daughters and grandchildren. With Irene’s intelligence and life experience, advice she’d give to a young adult growing up in today’s world is to go …show more content…
Irene is married. She has been married for 44 years, so she has not experienced divorce between the ages of 40 years old and 65 years old. When asked if the satisfaction with the marriage has increased or decreased, she had a difficult time answering. She feels that the marriage has stayed the same, except arguing, due to individual differences, has become less over the years. Both her and her husband worked full time, but are both retired now, so she feels that there may be changes in the marriage do to both not having to work. Irene and her husband had two daughters together, which is one of the happiest moment in her life. After graduating high school, their oldest went to college out of state which was very hard on Irene, so when her last child left it was not as hard on her because of the experience with her oldest daughter. She also feels that it was not as hard because she did not spend as much time with her daughter as she would have like due to working full time. She did not experience empty nest syndrome after her last daughter left, because her marriage stayed the same. Irene had no sons, she is closest to her daughters. After listening to Irene talk about her daughters, I would say had an authoritative parenting style, because her daughters where independent yet Irene was very nurturing. Irene has eight siblings and stays in contact with all of them. She still sees her

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