Human Conflict And Its Effects On Human Life Essay

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The year is 2323, and there is no human conflict. The government has created brain transmitters which has made the need to talk vocally a thing of the past. Instead humans communicate threw monitored brain communications, which can limit what they say. Life as a human has also hit an all time high, robots have taken over the whole work force so humans can now spend all their time enjoying themselves at government run enjoyment centers. Robots also wait on humans every want and need so we no longer have to do the simplest tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or other chores. What the people don 't know is that the earth only has a few days left to live before a hole in the ozone layer slowly allows the worlds gases to escape, and the government must learn how to undo what they have created in order to save the human race.

"You have a message,"set a voice in Brian 's head. "The man across from you, name Albus, says 'Hi. '" The slow monotone continued "proper responses include 'Hello, how are you? ' or 'Hi, my name is Brian. ' Would you care to respond?" Brian sat there, annoyed by the old man 's petulant action. They were in the middle of a game of checkers, and the old man was obviously trying to distract him. "Respond with 'please leave me alone '" thought Brian. "That 's not a proper response," The voice in his head replied "Responding with 'Hello, how are you? ' Enjoy your game of checkers!" Brian moved his turn and waited for the old man to make his move. An eternity…

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