Physical Conditioning

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In today’s society most feel that men and women are given equal treatment in and outside of the home. There is an impression that the world has progressed from men having dominance and authority over women, when this is typically not the case. Yes, women may have more influence, but at the end of the day men are still turned to for the final decision. Beginning at a young age women are conditioned to allow men to be the authority. This male authority has always existed, so why upset the balance. With my interest sparked last semester by a previous research paper I decided I would further my investigation by doing field research. For this I have used two unsuspecting classmates, who are also in this class, to test my theory that the United States is still a patriarchal society. With such a small sample my results may be skewed, but I will assume they are accurate. From a young age continuing through adulthood, women are conditioned to let men be the dominant of the sexes and have authority in society. Looking at children, …show more content…
Both aspects are done gradually at first, typically going unnoticed, than become more apparent as time moves forward. In my research I discovered that the physical conditioning will begin will small touches in safe areas of the body such as the arms or upper back. Once I appeared to be comfortable, and did not shy away, the length and area of the touch changed. More intimate areas such as legs, hands and even the neck were now fair game. The other aspect of this, mental, was also conditioned. First small actions would be reprimanded, then it turned into where I would be having lunch and studying for upcoming assessments. It has now progressed to the point where he is possessive and is controlling of what takes place during the school day as well as who I socialize with. Conditioning me to feel as though I cannot function as a single unit and make my own conscience

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