Human Cloning Argument Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This would cause a shortage or both food and water over time. Also there would be a shortage of jobs and housing. With there already being a shortage of jobs in the United States this would not help out the problem at all.

Also for many people cloning crosses the line with their religious or moral beliefs. They believe that there should be only one creator in this world, God. Humans should not take over the power of creating life, only God should have this power. This takes away from “the miracle of life” and natural childbirth. Cloning people or animals is something that scientist should not get involved with.

Even though there are positive things about cloning, overall the negative things that go along with it may cause some serious problems in the future. By stopping the uniqueness of every person, the flaws in the process, over population, and being morally wrong makes cloning not beneficial for our

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