Human Civilization Makes Accommodation For The Sake Of Quality

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Human civilization makes accommodation – out of nature – for the sake of quality in life both socially and environmentally. The term ‘commodification’ refers to entity (distinguished from “products”, “objects”, “goods”, “artefacts”) that has use value, can be exchanged directly or indirectly with money, as an exchange into something more valuable (Kopytoff,1986; Castree,2003). The term ‘Nature’ has been defined in many ways around different perspectives and places; therefore this contestation revolves around the three meanings of nature: the ‘nature’ or essence of a thing; ‘nature’ as material place external to humanity; and ‘nature’ as universal law or reality that may or may not include humans (Ginn & Demeritt,2008; Smith, 1984). According to Castree (2003), nature has increasingly made into commodities; the most common example is how water resources were treated by means of irrigations and filtrations, packaged into water bottle for society nowadays to consume. The use of lands for livestock farming can sustain the farmers’ way of living. This essay will discuss the social and environmental effects, taking into account the optimistic and pessimistic perspectives of commodifying nature, thus to conclude with the realistic viewpoint of neoliberalism actions and the effects it has in today’s society and environment with green environmental movements.
From the optimistic viewpoint of this issue, there are several ways that commodifying nature can give positive effects…

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