Human Characters In The Yellow Wallpaper, By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Modeled after Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a young wife and mother that hides alone in her bedroom and begins to become delusional. After recently giving birth to a child, she is suffering from depression. Her husband John, a physician, diagnoses his wife with a temporary “nervous condition.” She writes in a journal until her husband stops her from all reading and writing, but she cannot deny her passion for writing. She soon develops this fascination with the yellow wallpaper within her bedroom. The author displays her real life experiences of a woman being imprisoned and shows the typical woman representative during this time. The author portrays mental issues, family matters, and other physical attributes …show more content…
The introduction of the special patterns that she sees on the wallpaper begin when the unnamed woman says, “There comes John, and I must put this away, - he hates to have me write a word.” (649 Stetson) John’s rejection for his wife to write gives her boredom, and that is when she is faced to the wallpaper for something to do. The yellow wallpaper has human characteristics from the beginning because of the way it is viewed. The wallpaper takes a toll on the woman 's mind, while her husband John confines her physically. As the narrator hides her writing away from John and his sister Jennie, the author starts to reveal the appearance of the creeping woman behind the …show more content…
“There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will.” She is delusional and is seeing things beyond the wallpaper. She begins to see the woman more and more and finally goes to John. She knows John does not like to talk about things such as this but she goes to him anyways. He tells her, “Of course if you were in any danger, I could and would, but you really are better, dear, whether you can see it or not.” Despite all of the things she sees in the wallpaper, she is unable to leave the room and her husband insists that they stay until their three weeks is up. (652 Stetson) After talking in the middle of the night for a few minutes, she finally stops herself when John sits up very sternly and tells her to stop thinking about it and for her sake and everyone else 's to go to bed. He thought she had went to bed, but she did not do exactly that. She stayed awake and studied the wallpaper some

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