Human Capital, Social Capital And Cultural Capital Essay

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In class we touched over a number of core concepts that not only pertain to sociology of education, but sociology in general. These concepts include, human capital, social capital, and cultural capital. Each one of these core concepts is very important to the education system according to Lareau. In the next few paragraphs I will define and give a brief explanation for each concept and following the explanations I will answer the questions with examples from Lareau’s text. Human capital is a very easy concept to understand, it is the skills, knowledge, and other attributes that contribute to human capabilities for productive work output. Just think about why humans attend college, more than likely it is not just because they heard it will be the best years of their life, but more logically it is because humans want to invest in their future by gaining more knowledge that separates them from others. College is not cheap, you either have to work to pay your way through school or if you are fortunate enough your parents can afford to pay for your schooling. Either way money is being spent on you in hope that you will graduate with a degree that will put you in the best position to succeed when you are done with school. A sociologist by the name of Theodore Schulz introduced something known as the continuum, which consisted of pure consumption and pure investment. Pure investment is when money is spent in order to enhance human capabilities, unlike pure consumption is solely…

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