Human Body 's Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems Essay

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Introduction: From rest to exercise the human body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems must integrate and adapt to changing conditions—especially during incremental increases in submaximal exercise to maximal exercise. The coordination of cardiovascular and respiratory systems coalesce to form what is known as the cardiorespiratory system (Lotric & Stefanovska, 2000). Within muscle cells there are extremely limited stores for anaerobic energy; thus, a well-coordinated cardiovascular and respiratory system must be maintained to permit the utilization of aerobic energy pathways during exercise (Poole & Jones, 2012). In short, the aforementioned systems during resting and exercise conditions influence one another with the common goal of adaptation and homeostasis (Lotric et al., 2000). The focus of this review will aim to identify the respiratory and cardiovascular processes that occur during the transition from rest to maximal exercise. Additionally, blood pressure maintenance during exercise and the limitations that occur in response to altitude and its effects will be examined in light of adaptations during rest and exercise conditions. Research in the field of cardiorespiratory physiology provides important information for individuals at the forefront of exercise physiology with their quest to improve human performance and investigate the effects exercise imparts on human physiology.

Respiratory Response from Rest to Exercise:
The respiratory system is not…

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