Human Body : A Complex System And Is Made Up Of Trillions Of Cell

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tates that human body is a complex system and is made up of trillions of cell. According to____, the human body consists of one hundred trillion cells. Cell is the basic functional unit of life where the metabolic reaction occurs that are vital for survival and keeps us alive (). The human body is made up of many body systems that are vital for survival and functioning of the body. According to______,all together the human body is made up of eleven body systems. They include nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, respiratory system, nervous system, musco-skeletal system, urinary system, lymphatic system and endocrine system. Each of the body systems play an important role in the functioning of the body. For example: digestive system helps to digest foods consumed by converting them into smaller molecules of nutrients needed by the body for growth and cellular repair. In the process of digestion, glucose is formed which is the vital source of energy for our body to carry activities physically and on cellular level. Similarly, the immune system protects the body when it is infected from pathogens and viruses.

As human being, oxygen is vital for our survival and to carry out our bodily biological functions such as producing energy also known as cellular respiration.
Respiratory system plays an important role in delivering oxygen required by the body through the process known as breathing.

Physiology of respiratory system

Breathing is an autonomic process…

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