Essay on Human Beings Are Unique And Different

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Human beings were created unique and different. Unique because everyone has his or her own set of ideas, strengths, and challenges. Different, because every human being has other distinguishing features. According to the textbook, “Sex is biological characteristics that distinguish females and males, consisting of primary and secondary sex characteristics. And Gender is the behavior and attitudes that society considers proper for its males and females; masculinity or femininity” (Henslin, 2015). Biological, sex, influence determines how women and men are identified by sex. For example, a female has more a delicate bone structure. In addition to biological, there also behavioral influences. For instance, femininity is characterized by traits that society and culture usually associate with being a girl or a woman. Many behaviors, such as emotional, dependent, nurturer, graceful, weak, soft, are related to femininity. While men’s behavior, such as independent, non-emotional, tough-skinned, strong and aggressive, are highly related with masculinity. Due to this, men already have a superior position in the family and in the society, while, women continue struggling against inferior positions.
Throughout the years society has given specific roles to each gender. These gender roles can be traditionally taught in a family circle. For example, the husband is the major provider of the household, the wife lovingly is taking care of most of the children’s formal education and domestic…

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