Human Beings Are Not Subjects Of International Law Essay

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- “Human beings are not subjects of International Law.“
A subject of international law an entity which possess an international legal personality, one who is capable of exercising international rights and duties while having the capacity to act on certain actions on an international law level. States are the original and most significant area on international law, firmly situated in the Westphalia peace treaty of 1648. Their legal personalities sourced and outline the very nature of the international system. However, while this area of the law is relatively clear there is another younger area which is causing a large amount of discussion amongst legal academics of this field. Namely whether individuals are specifically bound by international law, and whether minorities are subject to the same provisions. In this document I shall be discussing whether Human beings are subject to international law, and if so how far the law goes to protect them on a singular or secular basis.

Under contemporary international law it has been increasingly noted that individuals can to possess international rights in addition to duties. This has been aided with the developments in Human rights law and Criminal law where there has been a noticeable shift from residual rights and a move to positively protect ones rights on an individual basis. To target the given statement, originally individuals were regarded as objects under the exclusive control of states, where the only encounters…

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