Human Beings Are Inextricably Condemned And The Sole Creators Of Their Own Lives

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Human beings are inextricably condemned to be the sole creators of their own lives. Each person exists as a living biography; the author of his or her own life. The lives we continue to live have characters and themes, conflicts and resolutions, rises and falls, beginnings and ends. These stories — our life stories — are the narratives that constitute our identity and being. We become the autobiographical narratives we tell about ourselves, for the only way to share the experiences that define us are through our stories. In order to discover one’s true identity, we must ask what innermost stories constitute our definition of self. The connections we make between ideas, actions, and events give intent and justification to our lives. As we construct our narrative, it grows and develops as we do, adding coherence, reasoning, and purpose. Without it, our lives would exist as a collection of disconnected experiences without any meaning or purpose. In the occasion that one’s narrative is subjected to self-deception or ceases to exist altogether, the individual’s identity will fail to develop, leading to discrepancies in one’s sense of self. The loss of one’s true narrative is exemplified in both M. Butterfly and “The Lost Mariner.” It is human nature to hide away feelings of shame when one fails to abide by the standards they set upon themselves. This negative emotion festers inside the individual, who wishes nothing more than to bury their failure. From this, self-deception is…

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