Human Beings Are All Inherently Selfish Essay

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Sonder Sonder (n) - the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Human beings are all inherently selfish. As human beings we spend so much time caught up in our own heads, we forget the fact that we are not the only ones whom the stage is set for. We forget that there are more than seven billion other individuals on this planet. Seven billion other individuals, who are just as careless, foolish, bitter, animated as we, ourselves can be. Above all, we forget that the other seven billion individuals on this planet are as human as us. About every four years or so I spend a couple weeks in Nepal visiting my family members who live there. Every time I go back I can not help but wonder what I would have been like if my family had never moved to the US, and in this wondering I always find myself searching for this other less culturally American, more Nepalese version of myself. I look for pieces of this alter ego everywhere I go in Nepal. I look at all the people my age, I look at my cousins, I look at the teenage girls and their mothers’ selling food on the street markets, I look at the teenagers on the bus coming home from school, all of them in their monotonous school uniforms, and I look, and I look, and I look.
I haven’t been to Nepal in three years, but the last time I was there I came to a partial conclusion. I would have been brought up going to a private school since public schools in Nepal are terrible due to the lack…

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