Human Beings And Human Life Essay

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Dr. Thomas Hilgers is founder of the Pope Paul VI Institute for the study of reproduction and firmly supports unborn human life. He has witnessed to this life through videos that walk viewers through the development of babies still in the womb. He is a believer in “human beings with potential,” not “potential human beings,” and there is a difference. “Potential human beings” states that the fetuses have potential to be human beings, assuming they are not yet human. In contrast, “human beings with potential” means that the babies are human even though they are not yet born into the world. They have the potential, not be become human, because they already are, but potential to increase the good in the world. As Dr. Hilgers said, these unborn babies could be the ones who will find a cure for AIDS or cancer, or bring world peace or economic stability and security to the world. These babies have potential to grow up and change the world. Therefore, it is important to recognize the potential and the life that is inside a woman and protect the life that cannot protect itself.
Dr. Hilgers backed up his view of “human beings with potential” with similarities of humans and scientific ideas. His major focus was using the technology of 2D and 3D ultrasound to trace the development of the babies through gestation. His mainly pointed out the similarities between the fetus and more mature humans, as if disputing the argument that a human is not inside the woman’s womb. At…

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