Human Behavior : Humans, Or Homo Sapiens? Essay

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Humans, or homo sapiens, are complex animals who are autopoietic entities. This means that they are self-generating and are not dependent on anything external to the body to direct construction and maintenance processes. While humans are alive, they continue to generate themselves. Because nothing from our outside organisation can direct our operation, we are autonomous. We are structure determined as our behaviour is determined by our structure in a particular environment. We can be perturbed by outside forces, but these do not trigger changes in behaviour that are determined by our structure. We are also autonomous entities as we have a self-generating nature due to our autopoietic organisation. We generate ourselves using our own internal networks. Humans are mammals, so are distinguished from reptiles and birds by their neocortex in the brain, hair, and mammary glands. Body temperature and the circulatory system which includes the heart, is regulated by the mammalian brain. Humans are a diploid eukaryotic species and each cell has two sets of 23 chromosomes, one from each parent. This excludes gametes, which have one set of chromosomes. Human’s sex is determined by the sex chromosomes, which are either X or Y. Females have the XX sex chromosomes and males have the XY. A combination of genes and environment influence our phenotypes and traits that we display.
Humans are omnivores, which means they can eat plants and meat. However, not all humans eat both plants and meat,…

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