Human Behavior As A Victim Of A Murder Essay

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It is quite extraordinary how many species of animal can have similar patterns of behavior through their adaptation to the surrounding. Humans, like these other animals can change their behavior and mindset quickly based on the influence of others and the condition of their life. Humans are able to adapt based on any situation to the benefit of their feelings and life. This is proven throughout time and continues on to modern day as people grow and learn everyday. In the major text, Hamlet, human behavior is evidently changed through influence, inspiration, and competitive drive to outdo another person. Human is shown to be developed through the influence of other people’s desire. Humans are more apt to follow the request of those who are important to them. An example in this play, we see Hamlet’s father as a victim of a murder. Hamlet father was a king at the time and was replaced by Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, as he married Gertrude, Hamlet’s wife. Hamlet hears news that his father appears at night in the hall as a ghostly form and decides to await there to see for himself one night. The ghost then appears in front of Hamlet as his father tells him how he dies by Claudius. Hamlet’s father immediately request that he takes action to avenge his death. Hamlet responds to this by saying “I 'll wipe away all trivial fond records [...] And thy commandment all alone shall live Within the book and volume of my brain, Unmix 'd with baser matter: yes, by heaven!" (Shakespeare 36).…

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