Human Behavior And The Mental Process Of Humans Essay examples

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The most refreshing thing about being on this planet is that not one person will be the same as you. Each individual is born with there own genetics, with the exclusion of identical twins, and every person has a mind of their own. Things such as your behavior, your outlook on life, your personality, and your mental process, everyone is different. The reasoning on how we know everyone is different is because of scientists who devoted their time into studying the science of behavior and the mental process of humans. In the generation we live in today everyone is so afraid to be different, and think outside of the box. People are afraid of making mistakes and really get outside of their comfort zone. There is a reason why God made us all different so we all should be ourselves. I mean who would want to live a life where everyone was the same? Although people are more different than alike, there are a few ways in which people are the same. For example: everyone has feelings, we all have a memory, everyone thinks. Famous scientists like Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson discover that although everyone is different, everyone thinks the same. However in Pavlov’s case he learned that all dogs think the same Two founding fathers that are related to the topic every person is different, yet all people are much the same, as mentioned above, would be Ivan Pavlov, and John B. Watson. Ivan Pavlov, who was a Russian biologist, studied the digestion in dogs. Pavlov…

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