Human And Sex Trafficking : The Second Largest Crime Essay example

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Modern slavery
Human and sex trafficking is the second largest crime in the world behind the selling of illegal drugs; with anywhere from 14,500 to 17,500 people being trafficked in the United States, and 600,000 to 800,000 all over the world (11 facts). Many of the victims being kids ranging in ages from 12 to 14. One of the ways that people are tricked into becoming a trafficking victim are through “friends” that they meet online and want to meet up. Seeing how popular social media sites are in today 's society shutting them down is not an option. A solution to help better protect people while online is to teach society what the do’s and dont’s while on any social media as well as what could be a threat.
Many people do not know the difference between human and sex trafficking. Human trafficking is when a person or people are treated as possessions and forced to do labor or other tasks in industries such as textiles, agriculture and fishing (Sex Slavery) . Where as sex trafficking is when a person profits off of selling another human being for prostitution (Frequently). Another misconception is that people involved in sex trafficking are not victims, but they are, they are forced land coerced into it with threats and promises of a better life and other things.
Human and sex trafficking has been climbing up the world 's worst crime list for many years now and is predicted to become number one in the next few years. The reason human trafficking is so hard to stop is…

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