Human, And Non Rational Animal Essay example

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In Aristotle’s view, everything in this world can be categorized. Living beings include plants and animal. The plant has nutritive soul and the animal process both nutritive soul and perceptive soul. If we discuss animal further, we can divide animal into rational animal, which is human, and non-rational animal.

The essential feature of “being an animal” is perception. From the Aristotle Introductory Reading: “413b2: What makes something an animal is primarily perception.” Perception is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through senses. From the Aristotle Introductory Reading, “(Chapter 5, 416b32). Perception occurs by us being moved and affected.” Plants don 't have perception since they are static and they don 't have perception organs. The reason why sunflower can move with sun direction is because the growth happens in different rate on different side of stem, so is nothing to do with perception. However, animal has nutritive activities. They need perception to judge whether they encounter is good for ingestion or not. For example, for rabbit, they need perception to judge, which plant is good to eat and which predator is dangerous. Moreover, Animal also has desire and emotion. For example, the dog will have a deep emotion with their master, which is also an important part of perception.

The essential feature of plants is they process a nutritive soul. Without nutrition, they can neither growth nor self-maintenance. For…

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